Praise for Dr. Z

What They’re Saying about
The Amazing Dr. Z Hypnosis Show

Hello Dr. Z,

Just wanting to make sure you made it home safe and sound.  I also wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful evening. The kids had a great time and I will pass your name along to any who inquire and even those that don’t LOL How was your breakfast…hopefully it went beyond expectations. There are wonderful people and we love showing off our little Gibson City!!

Thanks again,

Patti Meunier
GCMS After Prom


Dr. Z provided thrilling entertainment to our group in Las Vegas. This is a hypnosis show that everyone should see!”
– Tommy Vee Productions, Inc.
Salem, NH


“Having had the pleasure and fun of being a willing participant at Dr. Z’s show in Las Vegas: I still get great pleasure out of the pure abandonment of being a “2nd grader” who kept on making faces at my teachers! (who happened of course to be Dr. Z) It was fun and liberating and I truly look forward to seeing my facial expressions as a “little girl” on your video!
– Eileen Strong
Strong Incentives


Dr. Z!
I just saw your show and I am throughly amazed at how quickly you put your subjects under and how much power you really had over them. You had one young man stand there for 10 minutes with one arm up over his head and the other arm 90 degrees out in front. HE DID NOT FLINCH at all in this ten minutes! No shifting, no wiggling – just like a statute! It seemed impossible. Also amazing, you told someone to forget the number 6 and had them count. They skipped the 6. You then had them count backwards. (I had to stop and think when I tried along.) They counted backwards, FLUENTLY, skipping the 6, like it did not exist.
The other funny antics of the obviously hyptotized subjects throughly amused me. You are an excellent hypnotist! When is your next show? I’ll come with some friends!
– Vicki Miller


Dr. Z
It was an absolute pleasure to be in your show which I can say I participated in with great comfort.
– Ken Millar
B-Life Health & Fitness


“ I Am So Proud To Know An Entertainer of Your Caliber !”
– Vince Vance
Vince Vance & The Valiants


Dr. Z,
Thank you so much for coming. It meant the world to see you. I hope one day I have the opportunity to see your Vegas show.
Your friend,


Dr. Z,
I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to see all the things you get people to do. You amaze me every time I see one of your Hypnosis Shows.
– Lawrence Auletta C. Ht.
Hypnosis Center
Gretna, LA


“ With an inimitable New Orleans flavor, Doctor Z’s show mixes science and entertainment that is both fun and educational for the audience. Even the most bashful member of the Audience can be full blown performers and are an essential part of the show. It’s never the same twice and always fun to see the way participants respond to the trance and how the Doctor rolls with often unexpected turns the evening takes.”
– Josh Kahler, New Orleans


“ We were completely amazed from start to finish. It’s incredible to see the funny and crazy things people do when under hypnosis. Truly an experience everyone should see at least once.”
– Rufus P. Cressend
Personal Financial Advisor
R.P. Cressend and Associates


“From start to finish, Dr. Z’s show was hypnotic. Seeing how people can enjoy the power of their subconscious mind is an amazing experience . Also seeing my wife play with her imaginary bird was hilarious. Can’t wait to see Dr. Z again a Must for everyone.”
– Mathew Person CPA


Amazing Dr. Z,
We had a wonderful time! Dr. Z did a great job entertaining the teenagers and the adults. Being an after prom party it didn’t start till after midnight and we had a blast! The kids loved it when he took the number “6” away from the teacher! that was great! Thanks Dr. Z! We will see you next year for a fund raiser!
– Brusly H. S., Brusly, La.


“Your shows were great fun. Thanks for being part of Arts Evening!”
– Kim Bergeron